Phillz the MC: It’s Time

Phillz the MC: It's Time

Phillz the MC is an up and coming artist hailing from Queens, NY, whom has lived in multiple regions such as Philadelphia, North Carolina and now Atlanta, GA. His name is an acronym for “People Honor ILL LyricistZ“. Currently unsigned & unmanaged.

With his upcoming untitled project on the verge of release, Phillz the MC has leaked material featuring production from Wiz Khalifa‘s producer Sledgren (Live. Eat. Drink. Smoke.), Wale‘s producer Tone P (No Cameras Please), Roc Nation‘s Jahlil Beats (Ride To It) & most recently Cardiak (It’s Time). The leaks have been featured on numerous of blogs, all awaiting the much anticipated follow up project from Phillz the MC. His goal is to create timeless material that ultimately, will lead to his longevity in the music industry.

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Jemyle Jones: Never Take It for Granted

Jemyle Jones Never Take It For Granted

Location: New York
Produced by: Brian Allonce

Jemyle Jones is back at it again spittin that real sh*t. In today’s money, clothes and hoes era, it rare you find an artist willing to speak on social issues such as the recent rise in school shootings. I applaud Jemyle for taking a stance and hope more artists follow suit.

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Echelon Design

echelon designs uzi weighs a ton

Echelon Design is a full-service custom design company offering everything from business card and logo design, promotional design, to web design. It is a brand surely one of a kind with influences that come from art and hip hop.

“Echelon Design is represented by a halo, a dripping heart and needles. The dripping heart means that I put my blood sweat and tears into these designs. The needles represent the clothing and the halo signifies that the brand is above the rest. ” explains head honcho David Knight.

echelon designs caked

Although there are many T-shirt lines on the market, Echelon Design stands out due to its original/detailed visuals. The message behind the line is intriguing and accompanies its designs. Anyone with a dream, like Knight is encouraged to rise above the rest and strive to achieve success regardless of what their passion might be.

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